Archangels and Angels

Traditionally Archangels and Angels are thought of as protectors and messengers of God.

"...For He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways." Psalm 91:11

"...Fear not, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people."
Luke 2:10

Angels were created to outpicture the various qualities of God, and to serve the sons and daughters of God.

The soul at its highest is found like God,
but an angel gives a closer idea of Him.
That is all an angel is: an idea of God.
~Meister Eckhart

There are Seven Archangels:

1) Michael, revered within the Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions, provides physical and spiritual protection. He is truly our friend that can be called on in times of emergency or difficulty, or for ongoing protection in our lives. Simply call his name, "Archangel Michael!" and he will be with you. His color is blue.

2) Jophiel provides wisdom, illumination, understanding, discernment, and awareness of the mind of God. His color is yellow.

3) Chamuel focuses divine love. He helps us to develop the qualities of compassion, loving-kindness, and mercy for others. His color is pink.

4) Gabriel, also revered within Christian, Islamic, and Jewish traditions, is the angel who appeared to Mary to announce the birth of Jesus. He was also the angel who delivered the Koran to Muhammad. Gabriel focuses purity and inspires in us purity, hope, joy, discipline and order. The Seraphim angels serve with Gabriel. His color is white.

5) Raphael focuses healing. He is known as the angel who healed the sick at the pool of Bethesda in the Christian Bible, and is written about in the Zohar, a Jewish mystical text, where it states that Raphael is charged with healing the earth as well as healing men. His color is green.

6) Uriel embodies the peace and brotherhood of God. His qualities are service and ministering to others. He is not mentioned by name in the Bible, but he is written about in the book of Enoch and the Jewish text, the Fourth Book of Ezra. His colors are purple and gold.

7) Zadkiel embodies forgiveness, transmutation, freedom and justice. He serves to help us achieve personal and spiritual freedom, as well as freedom for all men who live on earth. His color is violet, and he focuses the violet transmuting flame.

To learn more about the angels and the God qualities they emanate, we recommend you read The Masters and their Retreats by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet. This is one of the most comprehensive books on this subject we have found.

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