Meet Carl Showalter

Carl is the Spiritual Director of Spiritual Awareness Fellowship, a worldwide movement with headquarters in Lombard, Illinois.

He is the founder and director of Quantum Living Institute, through which he conducts ministerial training, and has been teaching spiritual principles for over 55 years.

He has a BA degree from Manchester College, North Manchester, Indiana and a MTh degree from Bethany Theological Seminary in Chicago.

Carl Showalter has appeared on over 1100 radio and TV talk shows and has established spiritual development groups and held seminars and training retreats throughout the world.

He currently lives in Ecuador and travels internationally presenting lectures, seminars, and workshops. He speaks weekly via the Internet at the Spiritual Awareness Fellowship headquarters in Lombard, Illinois.

Carl is an ordained minister and has been in the training field for most of his career, working with adults and youth in developing the awareness of the higher gifts that open the creative nature of man.

He teaches ministerial training intensives for ministers and for those working toward ordination through The Mystical Order of the Divine Presence, a non-sectarian spiritual order. He is a trained hospital chaplain and specializes in assisting those who are transitioning from this life.

Carl Showalter co-founded the Inner Peace Movement, moved on to participate in an avant-garde spiritual community, and now brings all of his knowledge and experience together to assist others in creating a better world, for themselves and each other.

His warm, personable manner and his knowledge of higher mystical teachings and the mastery of life have made him a welcomed speaker and leader of retreats, seminars, conferences and spiritual services.

Meet Nancy Showalter

From an early age Nancy has dedicated her life to the pursuit, education, and practice of spiritual wisdom from a variety of traditions.

Raised in the Roman Catholic Christian tradition, she immersed herself in the mystical aspects of the faith. She later studied other major world religions with a particular emphasis on Buddhism, Taoism and the more recent Wisdom teachings brought forth in the 19th and 20th centuries.

She has been a teacher of yoga and is a former participant and leader in a contemporary spiritual community.

Over the last 25 years, Nancy has taught spiritual truths and conducted leadership training in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Europe.

She has lectured before audiences in South America of 1,250 people with appearances on over 45 TV and radio shows. She and her husband currently live in Ecuador.

Nancy has a Bachelors degree in the Liberal Arts with a concentration in Peace and Conflict Resolution. She also has TOEFL certification for teaching English as a foreign language.

As part of her studies in Peace and Conflict Resolution, Nancy traveled to the Middle East to Israel, Gaza, and the Golan Heights, meeting and discoursing with Israelis and Palestinians on their perspectives and hopes and dreams for a peaceful future.

She is an accomplished group facilitator and has facilitated conflict resolution for groups throughout Latin America and in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Nancy brings creativity and a unique integrated perspective to her audiences who find her presentations to be both practical and personally transforming.


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