Elementals are nature spirits that ensoul the earthly elements of fire, air, water, and earth. They are the servants of God and Man in the physical world, establishing and sustaining the physical environment.


Salamanders are the beings of fire. They are powerful beings and formless in that they are dynamic, just as fire is. They can be nine feet tall or as small as a candle flame, and can easily change their forms.


Sylphs are the beings of air. They control and purify the winds, the atmosphere and the clouds.


Undinesare the beings of water, and you will find them wherever there is water. They govern over all aspects of water and its purification on the earth, including the rain, tides of the sea, the sea itself, and the water in our bodies.


Gnomes are the beings of the earth. They range in size from the height of grass to the heights of mountains.

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