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Nancy's Personal Testimony Using The Healing Codes

Being very familiar with energy healing modalities and a great proponent of self-healing methods, I was very interested in trying The Healing Codes created by Dr. Alex Loyd, PhD. N.D. The testimonies where impressive and the basic concept that the issues of the heart are behind our physical and emotional problems was something I resonated with.

They are simple to perform and the very first one I tried, I had a major shift in consciousness. Needless to say, I was impressed and ready for more.

While I do not have any major physical problem or illness, or any major life-trauma's that I am unable to cope with, I am amazed to discover how many early-life memories surface once you begin using the the Codes.

You know all of those memories/pictures that have stuck in your mind from various life-experiences? Some good and some not-so-pleasant? The ones you may laugh about now and believe they are something of the past no longer effecting you? Or maybe they are so traumatic you do not even want to think about them.

Well, these very same memories may be exactly what is causing your indigestion, your insomnia, depression, cancer, or the myriad other physical and psychological ailments we experience.

The first 12 days that I went through the Codes, I experienced major changes in my inner beliefs that helped free me to be even more productive in my work. I feel more relaxed. My digestion and sleep have improved and I feel that I am more creative and can accomplish more in less time.

So the Healing Codes heal at the deepest levels, and both Carl and I can give witness to this from our own experiences. We cannot recommend them enough. That is why we are including them on our website after only using them for a few weeks. And we are both looking forward to the longer-term results.

For more information, click on the link below and learn about the science behind the Codes and how they can benefit you. Look past the sales hype, big print and bright letters, and read the entire text. You won't regret it!

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