The Mystical Order of the Divine Presence, an advanced spiritual order dedicated to raising the consciousness of individuals the world around, offers training and ordination for those who align with its principles and beliefs.

Non-sectarian in nature, it teaches that God is manifested in every true religion and can be experienced by all who seek and nurture oneness with the God presence within them.

But to experience it one must be raised in consciousness from an earthly point of view to a mystical understanding and experience.

Man is a manifestation of God. He is of divine origin and is capable of experiencing the divine communion while in the earthly body. The Mystical Order of the Divine Presence seeks to make such communion practical in everyday living.

Seminars, retreats, conferences, etc are used to convey and experience the higher mystical way of life. These are given anywhere there is interest in such mastery of life for training for ordination.

Participants who then feel the directive to go and teach these higher laws are ordained through the Order to empower them to teach, to preach, to heal, and to lift mankind to higher levels of consciousness.

The mastery over life, culminating in the ascension or reunion with God, is seen as the fulfillment of lifetimes of progressive spiritual enlightenment. Victory over all negative aspects of life is seen as the final result of the mystical path.

The Rev. Carl Showalter, ordaining cleric, earned his Master’s degree in Theology from Bethany Theological Seminary in Chicago. He was licensed to the ministry at age sixteen and ordained at twenty-one. In 1992, he was ordained by the ascended master El Morya through the messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet in the lineage of the ascended hierarchy.

Over the years Rev. Showalter has initiated spiritual development groups throughout the world and has had many years experience in teaching the mystical way of life. As a trained hospital chaplain, he assists many at the time of transition and has helped many prepare for this experience in life.

Through Quantum Living Institute, Rev. Showalter teaches training intensives for ministers, spiritual leaders, and those aspiring to be ordained either through the Mystical Order of the Divine Presence or through any other organization in which they are affiliated.

Those who are ordained in the Mystical Order of the Divine Presence seek to become spiritual adepts using the higher spiritual laws to rise above the common experience of life and to understand and experience life as the spiritual adepts, such as Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Saint Germain, and others do.

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