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Quantum Living Institute

Quantum Living is living life to its fullest.

Not just for ourselves, but also helping others and, together,

creating the world we all want to live in.

Just as we know a quantum leap to be a sudden large advance or breakthrough, quantum living is that moment when all conditions come together for an individual, or group of individuals, to thrust forward into a more enlightened state, altering the course of events forever.

Such a leap in consciousness is not impossible. Consider one of the amazing discoveries in quantum theory that demonstrates objects at a sub-atomic level can dematerialize in one place and then rematerialize in another place without "moving" in a continuous fashion between the two places.


Translated into everyday living, this concept liberates us from the conventional limitations of time and space in order to achieve change.

Dramatic shifts in consciousness can happen in what seems to be an instant by leaping from one place in consciousness to a very different place of awareness and understanding.

Enlightened choices lead to transformational results

Just as quantum mechanics revolutionized the classical physics of the day by challenging traditional scientific perceptions and understandings, living at this higher perspective revolutionizes how we perceive life, what choices we make, and the results we create.

"We must be the change we wish to see."--MK Gandhi

In order to change our condition in life, our relationships, or the world around us, we must first make the choice ourselves to become the way we wish others to be. Sound impossible? It's not.

Our Institute promotes such personal, spiritual, and social transformation through what we call transformational learning--learning from the heart and not just the intellect.

We learn from the world's great teachers in all areas of life and we are transformed as we awaken to new revelations that shift our perceptions and understandings.

Our tools are practical and can be put to use right away.

We invite you to join us and the many others

who are awakening to their divine origin, reconnecting with nature,

and choosing to create a better world.

For those called to serve in a personal ministry, Quantum Living Institute offers ordination into The Mystical Order of the Divine Presence.


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Carl and Nancy Showalter

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