Spiritual Protection

Twenty-four hour spiritual protection

is yours for the asking!

All you have to do

is call daily for the Shield of Light, also known as the Tube of Light,

to descend from your Higher Self, or I AM Presence, and

surround your entire being.

This Tube of Light, in the form of a large cylinder encircling you, seals your personal space.

It is capable of deflecting lesser energies in the environment, or that may come from others.

The Shield of Light is of the highest frequency of energy from your Higher Self. Such energy fields of light are powerful, yet delicate.

Any misuse of the light, such as outbursts of anger, lengthy bouts of depression, hatred, self-pity, etc. can literally collapse the field of light.

So it is important to maintain harmony and equanimity in order to maintain your protection.

As an example, here is a call you can use
to invoke the Tube of Light.

Be sure to visualize the Light descending and surrounding you as you make the call:

In the name I AM THAT I AM, I call for the Tube of Light
from the heart of my I AM Presence
to descend around me as a perfect sphere of Light’s protection.

Into this sphere of Light, direct the Violet Transmuting Flame to
purify and consume all imperfections within my consciousness,
and immediately transmute into pure Light all energies that are less than God-perfection.

I accept this done right now, and I am eternally sealed in the Light.


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